Decorative Glassware

E and M Glass Ltd. is a specialist supplier of glass gifts, decorative glassware, and bespoke glass art. They specialise in hand blown glass manufacture. E and M glass bring you an exclusive range of the very best in decorative glassware products.

Glass is perhaps the most decorative material available. The glass is molded into an exquisite range of handmade articles by our leading craftsmen. We offer various kinds of glass handicrafts like Glass Artware items, which include Glass Candle Holders, Glass Bowls, Glass Tabletop Decorations. The designs in our glass Artware items are fresh and innovative. Highly decorative glassware for catering to your artistic needs in an unmatched style.

E and M Glass have grown to become one of the country's leading decorative glassware suppliers - offering their clients choice, outstanding design and superior quality. Ed Burke and Margaret Burke, the two designers of E+M glass, work from their studio on the North Wales / English border. Each piece is individually handmade and signed by the artist. Ed Burke and Margaret Burke’s contemporary decorative glassware include plates and platters, vases, fruit bowls, salad bowls, rice bowls, serving dishes, decorative tableware, martini glasses, wine glasses, shot glasses and tumblers.