Bar Glassware

Present your cocktails like a professional in bar glassware. No home bar would be complete without a collection of bar glassware that is both durable and fun. For your guests there's always a buzz of anticipation when you ask, "What will you have to drink?" And as host it's your job to mix up tasty treats your guests will rave about. The best way to do that is to serve your creation in beautiful bar glassware.

Every gourmet chef knows that presentation makes good food taste even better and it's the same with mixed drinks. A good drink served in the right bar glassware makes it actually taste better! Inside you'll find all the favourite cocktail glasses: tom collins glasses, highball and old fashioned glasses, super strong shooters, and some wild martini glasses that are sure to impress your guests. Choosing the right bar glassware was considered absolutely essential at one time. Now is a more relaxed age and we are less rigid about the choice of bar glassware used. Below is some of the bar glassware you should consider purchasing.

After all it doesn't do much for the image of the amateur bartender if the same bar glassware is used over and over again! The shot glass is a small glass used for high alcohol content drinks. The cocktail glass is an elegant glass used for many cocktails. It has a thick stem to stop your hand from warming the drinks. The martini glass is probably the most famous of them all and is used for martinis and margaritas. The champagne flute is excellent for any drink with bubbles in it. The height of the glass shows off the bubbles as they rise. The lowball glass or tumbler is used for bloody marys and other drinks that have a large mixer – alcohol ratio. The highball glass is often used for fruit punches and Harvey wallbangers. The Paris goblet is the classic wine glass.